We are pleased to share an update on the work in progress on our Corby site in the UK.

We are enjoying  every day of hard work in a collaborative environment with our construction contractors where trust, accountability, commitment and therefore results are achieved. We worked more than 114,000 hours with only 3 minor injury/first aid accidents and 2 days lost time due to accidents.

How’s the construction going?

The construction activities in the low bay are in good progress. In the next 6 weeks the activities concentrate on top floors pouring concrete, cladding, starting mechanical/electrical works, sprinklers and installation mezzanine conveyors.

The erection of the steal structure VAS has been completed and the erection of the steel structure for the office area will start soon.

The construction activities on the high bay is mainly installation racking to be completed in coming 6 weeks for 30% for handover to cladding and preparation for installation rails for the stackers cranes.

One high bay cooler has already been hoisted and the other 3 will be hoisted in coming days.

On the yard drainage activities are in full progress.

Summarizing, we are more than satisfied with the proceedings up to now and look forward finalizing this great project in the next months! We thank all our suppliers for the trust and collaboration.

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